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In the DSM-5, it has been proposed that, given the differential presentation of PTSD across the lifespan, completely separate criteria be adopted for different age groups. In particular, distinctions between the presentation of PTSD in adults, adolescents, school-age, and preschool children have been discussed. This is primarily driven by the fact that the DSM-IV criteria were developed for and tested on older adolescents and adults. As such, the proposed criteria include large numbers of notes that describe developmentally appropriate symptoms (such as repetitive play reflecting the trauma or frightening dreams with no specific content), as well as lower number of symptoms required to meet diagnosis. The other major change proposed is the removal of DSM-IV Criterion A2 (“The person's response involved intense fear
Mados blogo „Feed your fashion animal“ autorė Kristė Stankevičiūtė gyvena Londone ir gali džiaugtis kur kas šiltesniais orais nei mes Lietuvoje. Tai, aišku, atsispindi ir drabužiuose. „STALČIAMS“ ji parodė penkis savo žiemos derinius.


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